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You're Out - Roughcut

20 July 2022

Our first production under the Prosean Pictures banner "You're Out" is currently progressing through post-production. With the rough-cut now completed, the film is now with a number of filmmaking peers for some feedback before progressing to a fine-cut and picture lock stage to handover to sound, score and colour grader, currently scheduled for Monday 25 July 2022.

Behind the Screams

The first episode in a series of inside looks at the making of the film has been published on our Vimeo channel and Facebook page. The first episode we've released features an interview with our Director of Photography and Editor Matt Sharp (aka "Sharpie"). It was filmed by Ana Caicedo Macia and edited by Chaz Harris.

Behind the Screams - Set Photos

Also included below is the first released look at some of the production stills taken by Ana Caicedo Macia during the shoot:

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